The Manjaro-Arm project is a project I started in Jan. of 2016. The goal was simple, to port the Manjaro Linux distribution to ARM based embedded devices. These devices are becoming more popular in projects and small dedicated computers so there should be an easy to use and setup distro that does not use debian. Too often we find that Debian and Ubuntu are the only options because they are user friendly and dont require much configuration to work out of the box. Manjaro-Arm aims to change that as it offers the superior pacman, arch user repository (AUR) and the simplicity of the behind the scenes action of archlinux but makes it all easy to use and easier to setup.

Just like the official Manjaro-Linux team, alignment with the goal is important to us. The users come first and the ability to use Manjaro-Arm quickly and fully is our top priority.

Check out the project here

Random Things

Just a list and info about some random things I found useful.

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Im dodgejcr, I spend a lot of time learning and developing all sorts of random things. Every once in a while I find something useful or make something useful and I like to share it just in case it helps someone else as well. This page will be a nice collection of those things. It may turn into a small blog page soon.

I am a Systems Engineer by trade but a geek at heart.