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This is a site that serves as a random landing page for services and information that I use and need. Nothing on this page should be used for anything important as it may or may not be accurate.

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Projects and Links


The Manjaro-Arm project is a project I started in Jan. of 2016. The goal was simple, to port the Manjaro Linux distribution to ARM based embedded devices. These devices are becoming more popular in projects and small dedicated computers so there should be an easy to use and setup distro that does not use debian.

Project has been discontinued


I am always working on some sort of device or engineering a solution to some of my every day problems. I also have some information on some of the university projects that I have worked on.

Link to some engineering projects

3D Printing

I bought a 3D printer so that I can learn everything that I can about the technology while it is still new-ish to general consumers. This section is just some stuff I've learned and things that I have printed. Most of the things I print are not for prototyping or commercial use, just little tidbits I've needed around the house

Link to some 3D printer info

DownloadsRandom files that may be needed

Links to some articles and posts

  • Manjaro-Arm Wiki Conversion

    After closing the Manjaro-Arm site, I felt it best to keep the wiki that I used for building some of the aspects of the distro. There is an incredible amount of information on the wiki and I didnt want to lose it.

    Manjaro-Arm Building

    [How-to] Setup LAMP Stack with Grav on an Odroid-c2 with Archlinux

    A quick guide on how to set up and configure a quick and dirty LAMP stack on an Odroid-c2 running archlinux. Also goes into details of setting up Grav and a few other features.

    Odroid Lamp stack

    Original Manjaro-Arm Wiki

    This is the original wiki that I and others used in an attempt to transfer the Manjaro-Arm distro to the hands of another developer. It is very specific to the task at hand but, is great information to keep around.

    Original manjaro-arm building wiki

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