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All the equipment that would be important to continuing Manjaro-Arm. This list can be expanded on in several categories but each one is dependent on resources available.

Currently Used Devices

This is a simple list and information about the equipment that we currently use. This is by no means, a requirement. This is just what we had and what we could use.


  • Odroid c2
  • BeagleBone Black
    • Non working GPU
  • BeagleBoard xM
    • Non working GPU
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Raspberry Pi 1
    • armv6
  • Desktop
    • Running Manjaro. Keeps all the build information, virtualizes builds, builds rootfs and final images.
    • Doesnt need to be powerful but it helps.
  • Private Server
    • Server to test website related stuff. Running on Odroid-c2


  • 2 Odroid c2
    • 1 is part of the build server
  • Odroid c1
    • as an HTPC
  • Odroid xu4
    • armv7 part of the buildserver, plus it runs the repo and package management + loads of other stuff
  • Raspberry Pi 3
    • For testing
  • Raspberry Pi 1
    • armv6 part of the build server

Optional Devices

These arent necessary to maintain Manjaro-Arm but they will probably make life a bit easier.

  • Any ARM embedded board.
    • armv6, armv7, or aarch64
  • Build Server
    • Can be in the form of a dedicated machine or dedicated hosted server. Will need full access and preferrably running ArchLinux or Manjaro
  • Mirrors
    • The more mirrors available the better. Alot of times these can be donated from orginazations around the world.

Network Devices

  • Webserver
    • Any website host will suffice. This will need to house the website, wiki, bugtrackers, and any extra services necessary
  • Repo server
    • This can be a part of the webserver. Some shared hosting packages do not allow archived data (the packages are considered archives). The repo is about 65GB but needs room to grow.